Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation 

The Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation (AAASF) is a non-profit organization devoted to the development and implementation of tobacco use prevention and cessation, cancer, and health and mental health programs for Asian Americans in the United States. AAASF is a United States registered non-profit organization with a global mission.

AAASF is the pioneer organization in Maryland devoted to anti-smoking and health related tasks.  We have more recently begun operations in China  

The Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation was established with the devoted support of many individuals who believe that the tobacco industry is an evil enterprise with the sole purpose of killing people. 

AAASF is aimed at sharing information for tobacco use prevention, developing alternative cessation programs and working with the Asian American community across the spectrum of health related issues.  

Dr. Sherman Yen, founder of AAASF has said:

I am of the strong belief that smokers are the victims of the evil industry and that they must be supported in their efforts to quit their smoking behavior.

As a professional who has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for over thirty years and a behavioral psychologist, I am also of the strong belief that clinic research should be part of the counseling practice.

AAASF and I welcome your input and comments regardless of your age, gender or national origin.