Introduction to Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation

The Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation (AAASF) is a non-profit organization devoted to the development and implementation of tobacco use prevention and cessation, health and mental health programs for Asian Americans in the United States and overseas.

 AAASF is the pioneer organization in the Washington metropolitan area devoted to anti-smoking related tasks.

 The current President of AAASF is Dr. Sherman Yen and the Vice President is Ms. Allison Lord.

 The organization is associated with Alcohol & Drug Treatment Inc, Applied Research Management Inc, Tobacco Outreach Technology Inc, and Chinese American Anti-Smoking Alliance. Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation is composed of several divisions:  

·        The translation and graphic design division specializes in translating and designing culturally relevant information in all Asian languages.

 ·        The community outreach division has excellent bilingual outreach consultants for grass root networking.

 ·        The research division focuses on new research technology development, evaluation, and data analysis.

 ·        The volunteer’s recruitment and training division concentrates on recruiting volunteers in different professions, age levels, and provides training seminar opportunities.

 ·        The website division provides world wide tobacco use prevention, cessation, health, and mental health related information services.

 For the past few years, AAASF has received support from major Maryland counties, Baltimore City, and MOTA programs.

 AAASF has an excellent financial management record. It also has an outstanding international and national reputation for complementary and alternative approaches on tobacco use cessation programs.

 In conjunction with its sister organizations, AAASF remains the leading professional organization in its field.


Dr. Sherman Yen
 Dr. Sherman Yen is the Executive Director and founder of the Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation. He is also the Executive Director of Alcohol/Drug Treatment, Inc. and Consultant to the Foundation for Substance Control, V.A. Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.


Allison Yenyu Lord

Allison Lord has been Vice President of the Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation and Chinese American Anti-Smoking Alliance since 1998.

Allison holds a M.A. degree in accounting from National Cheng-Chih University in Taipei, Taiwan.  She has lived in Taiwan, Japan (Honshu and Okinawa) and the Republic of Korea. 

Allison has a varied background in small business, including operating a Travel Agency, and service as a Translator for the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Ms. Lord has presented papers at the 2001 National Conference of Tobacco or Health and numerous conferences of the Association for Behavioral Analysis.


Board of Directors

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